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At Holborn, a client-first approach is at the heart of what we do. We believe that ongoing learning is the key to success for you, and ultimately our clients. To maintain our ongoing commitment to our clients and continue to provide the highest levels of service, we decided to establish Holborn Academy.

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Financial advising is one of the most challenging client-facing professions in the world. Managing investment portfolios and working with clients to reach their financial goals is no easy task.

In addition, our IFAs work on an international level, which presents further challenges. Understanding how to give the very best advice to clients across multiple jurisdictions requires highly specialised knowledge. If that wasn’t challenging by itself, this is an industry that doesn’t stand still.

The financial services industry is constantly changing and evolving. Laws and regulations change, new products enter the market, and technology presents new and innovative ways to help clients.

Holborn Academy is a one-stop learning portal offering comprehensive training programmes to help you grow and expand your knowledge. No matter where you are in the world, Holborn Academy’s dedicated e-learning system gives you access to an expansive library of learning materials.

The materials go in-depth on subjects such as local laws, regulations, risk management and investment advice. Holborn Academy implements the latest training techniques to sharpen your current skill set and develop new ones.

Through our dedicated learning portal, you’ll have the tools you need to be the very best for your clients.


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